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Re: Recourse for Powerboats

Originally Posted by capta View Post
The ICW is a commercial waterway and as such is not a waterway designed for the use pleasure craft.
Delivering vessels up and down the ditch has become increasingly time consuming as new no wake zones seem to be added daily, and it is a bit much to expect a power boat to slow for every sailboat on a 1200 mile trip. It is bad for the engines and as mentioned above, many boats throw a larger wake off the plane than on.
With more than 70 ICW deliveries on "gold plated" sport fishing vessels, early on I tried to be courteous, but many times only to be rewarded with a raised middle finger, so, in time, I just went on my merry way as best suited me. I found those who did not slow down as I tried to pass with as little wake as possible, created a situation where I needed enough speed to actually get by them, and I therefor threw a larger wake than I should have had to do, had they slowed down.
Just because one is cruising inside, there is no excuse for not stowing gear below properly and keeping the companionway hatch shut while underway; you know someone will be passing throwing a huge wake.
I guess your best recourse is to sail outside and hope the idiots give you a little sea room out there (yeah, fat chance!).

Being as I have sailboat, and most here do as well, these new 'no wake zones' effect me how? And correct me if I am wrong, but aren't the NEW 'no wake zones' imposed to slow idiots that go to fast in such a narrow, resident congested, waterway anyway? It appears your 'gold plated' mentality is what is not wanted on the ICW.

And just because you are tired of going at the speed that most of the ICW is designed for, with no wake zones and slow traffic, I would suggest you should be the one taking your 'gold plated' buckets outside. Your getting paid, it would do you well to run outside and go as fast as you want. And make your 'gold plated' owner happy by delivering his cargo faster than scheduled. Heck, you might even get a tip. I doubt it, because the owner probably thinks all delivery captains are the same and he is tired of dealing with their arrogance, which seems to run in that circle of 'gold plated' influence. (What's that saying, s*** rolls down hill?)

I've seen people like you sink a little john boat with a couple of old fisherman minding their own business, because it was too much trouble to slow down.

By the way, I usually use red colored water balloons for just such an occasion if you find one busted on your deck some day.
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