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Re: Alaph Tav, The First Voyage - Tape three


The boat: Columbia 45.

The backstory of sailing into the canal:
Apparently the captain had informed the 2nd officer, who is the oldest of the group of kids (aside from myself but I dont count myself since im just a camra man) to anchor at a specific spot and to WAKE HIM UP when we where close to it.

Hours later I was asked to stay up and monitor everyone wile the captain had some shut eye, BUT NOBODY MANAGED TO TELL ME ABOUT THE ANCHOR POINT. so there was miscommunication, and the 2nd officer forgot to mention it to everyone up on deck.

As the night went on we picked up some wind, and changed the jib to get the proper angle and more speed all on our own.
Proud of our achievement, we thought it would be a good surprise to the captain if we continue to sail for as long as possible on this awesome angle we had going at 4knts.

We sailed into the canal, and happened to see a bridge in the distance.
We decided to wake the captain anyway so he could arrange communication with the bridge, and this was the conversation:

2nd officer: Captain, we need you to contact the draw bridge.

Captain: *wakes up* what?? what draw bridge? where are we?

2nd officer: we picked up speed and decided to cover more ground for you, we are in the canal and there is a bridge coming up...

captain: WE ARE IN THE **BLEEPING** CANAL!?!?!?

*chaos ensued for 2 hours at 4AM after that, I was to scared to take out my camera, so I didn't turn it on until morning after everyone calmed down.

Also, as far as the "trust" thing goes, we are all family.
The captain is my father, and the crew consists of one of my brothers and all of my cousins.
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