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Re: Is there a professional sailmaker on this forum?

Gee, in over 50 years of sailing I guess I never learned about sail trim.
I'll get on that right now. I keep seeing ads for that sail trim guide.
The sail never flogs when set as we have infinite reefing with the roller set up and sail to the conditions. See the picture above sailing in 30 knots of wind with a very deep reef.
What I was trying to get at was that I don't think sail design for roller furling boomed sails has quite caught up with the realities of the systems. With infinite reefing, stresses on the sail are not along a reinforced seam as they are in slab reefing and with a loose footed sail the out haul pressure is not directly along the boom, but more like the pull of a high cut Yankee (the boom raises as we reef). Obviously, a high cut Yankee design would cost too much sail area, so I'm looking for ideas on a compromise.
As for the delamination of the tape drive, it was a stupid idea to build a sail of laminated material for a roller furling sail. There is too much chafe along the mast opening and rolling it up is probably not too good for it either. You couldn't give me a sail built of any of the esoteric cloths for cruising, roller furling or not. I like Dacron and it has held up well over many, many thousands miles of sailing on vessels from gaffers built before 1900 to the Maxi racers of the seventies, for me.
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