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Re: spent my life savings on a boat, looking for work.

Originally Posted by Harborless View Post
Well obviously he cant be a liveaboard i was simply being harsh in my criticisms to make the point that at 19 your life savings is not really a life savings it more like a quarter of a lifes savings if that even since most infants i know arent saving money.
then he wants to know how to finance this dinghy. Payments? Lol i hope not its a dinghy. His lifesavings should have covered it. What do you need to store a dinghy? A tarp and three bungees? Hell you dont even need a trailer so im flabbergasted by this whole thread.
oh, this is rich-
you might want to go back and re-read most of your own posts from a year (or less) ago, before you start firing the "quit whining, grow up" cannon.

Who said this?
"So there I am. Completely had the wind taken out of my sails. Once again, on the cusp of being done.. being able to enjoy what I have spent so much money time and effort on.. Its yet another thing. I mean.. I dont even know what to do. Im so over everything breaking or being broken that part of me just wants to slap a for sale sign on the boat and hope any potential buyer is ignorant enough to purchaser the boat without a proper inspection--- Of course as a moral person who needs his sleep this isnt a great option... So If I did decide to sell her Id need to do the repairs first or knock a large chunk off the asking price..

Or, yet again, flat broke as I am at the moment, I wait until I can pull the funds together and have a new centerboard made which I expect would me no less than 700$ and most likely a good bit more.

Im just so depressed. I feel like every step forward is two more steps back. I still owe the sail maker 250$ and haven't paid my slip fee yet this month. Now I have a broken centerboard which acts as a sea anchor because the hinged part is broken off so the centerboard is only attached to the boat by that holding pin/line... So I asked for help... I dont know what sort of help I expect.. Kind words from people who have felt my pain. Seriously I could cry like a girl. I feel so defeated. "
YOU said that.
8 months ago.

As far as tossing around your opinion on the financial decisions of others, remember that you are the guy who wants to ditch his college loans because you feel you shouldn't have to pay the money back, because it was congress's fault you took that loan in the first place.

Before you tell others to HTFU, maybe you should do it yourself.

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