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Re: spent my life savings on a boat, looking for work.

I seriously cant believe the support this OP is getting. I get lambasted for solo sailing the st johns with a fouled prop and you give this guy a pass? His priorities are straight? About as straight as a MS spine id say.

Lets recap.

He quit his job based on some sort of vague herassment claim... ok, military prolly aint for you then.
he claims to have had a life savings instead of a piggy bank
he claims he spent that life savings on a dinghy
he post on sailnet asking how to afford to keep said dinghy bc he spent all his piggy bank on a dinghy instead of being responsible and spending it on finding a new job.

So what we have per the OP is a jobless dinghy owner who cant afford the dinghy and wants other people to find him work.

I say again, I cant believe the pass this guy is getting. You all supporting this OP are simply condoning irresponsability, impetuousness, false reality, and neglect of personal finances. For what? So some 19 yr old can go sailing on a smooth lake? What kind of sailing can you really do on a 14' with no money beides a few hours around a bay? Now ill get the i have a dream speech of sailing the world in said dinghy and so and so did it on a life boat jazz. I hope you dont enocourage the OP to completely commit suicide since it sounds like hes trying to commit finanical suicide already.

Seriously sailing is great and so is owning your own boat but if you cant even afford to properly care for, store, and maintain a freaking dinghy AND you have no job im sorry but im crying foul.

Wish i got this baby treatment from you all. Maybe I should have bought a 50' then came here asking how to raise the jib so I could leave for the Tasman bc im out of work and feel like cruising for a better pasture. Sarcasm off.-
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