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Re: spent my life savings on a boat, looking for work.

I went back and looked at his profile again...

He states he is a sailing instructor, a lifeguard, and some other stuff, as well as having worked in some sort of furniture business. So, he seems to be able to work, but then I looked at the photo albums...

The P*$$y, money, weed photo in particular gives me an impression that perhaps he is not at all focused on work so much. I may just be old and not in touch with today's kids, but the kids I know who are successful are not focused on p*$$y or weed, and really money is not their highest priority either, they focus on learning to do their jobs well, and on being good at the things they choose to do, so that they can become successful. They all do silly stuff, I did when I was young too. They all do things that could best be called learning experiences, or teaching opportunities or whatever you call a screwup, but they take their lumps and continue on, and keep a smile on their faces because no one likes a frowned up kid.

My first impression when I read the OP was that he was kind of doing a little bit of a backdoor kind of begging, maybe I was wrong, hopefully. Yes we teased him about his tiny little boat, but not because it was small, at least not on my part, but more because it seemed to be too small to spend all the money one might possess on. If it had been something that could conceivably be a live aboard, I would have been far more ready to say "good on you", but basically it is a toy. Not due to the size, but due to the usage it is intended for, and buying a toy that takes all of your money when you have little and then quitting your job over some sort of suspect situation like harassment to me seems irresponsible. My guess is kind of harsh, but I am guessing the harassment consisted of things like "Boy, if you do not get your butt to work on time and sober, you are going to be fired" or "no, you cannot have Wednesday off, we have production to meet, and you will have to tell your friends you have a job and cannot go play" . I hope I am wrong, but as a business owner for many years, who has faced, and won, frivolous law suits from people who were fired or quit before I could fire them for being drunks, lazy, or just plain nuts, whenever I see something like "I quit my last job because I was being harassed" I cringe and pass on employing the person.

Zeehag was spot on in saying you stay on and settle it, or go to court and settle it and get your job back with some extra pay, or you are a quitter. If someone quits or is fired and then comes back and claims harassment, to me that is someone trying to get paid for nothing.

It is good to learn from your mistakes, but much better to learn from the mistakes of others...
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