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Re: spent my life savings on a boat, looking for work.

Ok as happens with myself heat long day of work and lack of sleeping ability makes me less than useful at times. So I AM sorry for being SO harsh. However I am still on Marks side of the channel on this. He spent all his money on a toy that he seems unable to properly pay for and currently has no job. Thats all im saying on that subject.

The rest? Yea hes 19. Hes got his whole life. I was 23 when I bought Strong Back. I went broke twice but tis dee life of a boat owner is tis. At least one going to school while waiting tables and refitting a sailboat. It aint easy or cheap- can vouch for that.

Smoking weed and girls? Sounds normal to me- however weed lowers work ethics in young men because often moderation is not properly practiced. This is for off topic however.

Chapmans and bowditch though outdated perhaps still should be required reading (maybe not so much the bowditch- very mathematical is tis.)

Im sorry I was so callous but I was just thrown off by "life savings" "14' boat" and "no job."

Welcome aboard matey. I sincerely wish you well. It sucks having no job. When I moved to NSB three weeks ago I had no job and like 300$ left (not including investments which stay untouched for at least two more decades).
I spent the first week hitting all the restaurants for serving or bar tending and got nothing but turn downs even with 7+ years experience. Persistence is key. I called back the best jobs three times or more and was getting inklings of interviews to come perhaps but I could not wait. So then I made a resume detailing my college education and construction experience and went to all of the construction contractors, electricians, and masons in town.

By the 9th day here I had three jobs. The job I am keeping is seriously the best job in town for my situation. Persistence pays off.

Now I work evenings only. Spend my days fixing the last 3 boat projects I have (Cutting out sole area around V-berth and relaying glass, refoaming centerboard tube to prevent flooding in windward tacks and heavy swells, and reinstalling my Nico Solar Vent fan after I repoxy a raw fiberglass area that has let some water wick in over the months)

So your 19- get a job, spend less money on pot and girls, invest money early and often, sail when the breeze is stiff, and ask questions here when books and google dont cover it.

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