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Re: Possibly buy a boat..

With little else to go on... YEAH! buy now... And please don't regret it, even if it costs you another $10k to get it all working and sorted. It'll be the most crazy stupid thing you can do, but you won't care when you sail it rail down and your bare feet up on the cockpit seats.

Listen, don't think of a boat purchase as a financial investment think of it as a depreciating asset that is worse than a car... if you write off the initial purchase price... and think of it as "money spent for your own personal enjoyment." Then it gets way easier to roll with the punches.

Example: McDonalds meals for 2... $19. Tickets for the movies (just tickets) $19. Popcorn and drinks for 2 at the movies $25. A round of golf (18 holes) for 2 with a cart, $100 at a public course! Freaking gas for your car ($50-$75)... Imagine Gas for a motorboat - UGH...

My point is... Boats cost money... the initial outlay of cash, can be small, or even nothing. But you'll be putting lots more money into it, new or old... how much more depends on how good a shape the boat is in (or how well equipped or both)... If you accept that fact now it makes it easier to take the plunge. $10k for a 30 footer, for something as nice as a Tartan... seems like a steal to me (and before all you others chime in, and start saying what about the bottom, the motor, the gelcoat, the rigging, YEAH YEAH YEAH..... I am assuming that the OP has done some homework on that)...

Get the boat surveyed (or bone up on doing some of that yourself)... in the "under 10k" range you're borderline (if losing 10k will ruin your retirement, then by all means get the surveyor)... otherwise I'd say get a great book and learn the signs to look for yourself.

Ok, now the obligatory disclaimer: My advice is worth exactly what you paid for it... I am not a professional boat surveyor, nor do I recommend you could do what they do for a living by reading 1 book... I know nothing about the boat you are purchasing, and therefore it could sink tomorrow so please don't hold me responsible. HOWEVER - if you DON'T PURCHASE, and you THEREFORE don't ever get to sail that beauty to places unknown... I won't be responsible for your loss of fun EITHER!

Life's short... we'll help where we can... post pictures or a link, or something... tell us about the condition you find it in... Where you gonna sail it? Do you have a slip or mooring lined up for it? Are you aware of the costs of marina, mooring, and insurance?

Details... we live on those!

Either way, welcome and good luck! We'll help you where we can... post questions and we'll make up answers, I mean try to answer.

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