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Re: Need Opinion: Chart plotter, north up or course up?

Originally Posted by kellysails View Post
And they better damn well like or it's off with their head
LOL! Hey, trust me, I feel your pain...

Over the years, I've had the honor of escorting an ICW Virgin or two down the East coast and ICW for her first time... Many of these trips were way before GPS or plotters, and my powers of reasoning and explanation were stretched to the limit, attempting to dissuade them from using the ICW strip charts like an old AAA Trip-Tik, and orienting them upside-down, to better "See where we're going..." Reason generally prevailed, and I let them have it their way... (grin)

One thing bothers me about the preference for "switching" back and forth between modes that I'm hearing from many in this thread, however... I say, Pick one mode for planning AND piloting, and STICK WITH IT. Anything else is a very poor practice, in my estimation... One of the greatest challenges any sailor is likely to face in terms of navigation, is minimizing the potential for error due to FATIGUE... Seems to be really asking for trouble, to inject this sort of variation and needless complexity into one's practice of navigation, when mistakes can so easily be made at the end of a difficult passage, or whatever...

So much of sailing safely is about the effort to maintain a comfortable and familiar ROUTINE, and this switching back and forth between different modes of navigation makes me nervous, and seems a recipe for disaster when one is under stress, or suffering from exhaustion...
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