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Re: Need Opinion: Chart plotter, north up or course up?

To take a different view on this. At one point I was considering a dissertation on how the human brain organizes spatial data, a sort of how does one's mental maps come into being. I was born and grew up on the north side of Lake Ontario. My mind organized location in relation to where the lake was, a sort of south-focussed view of things. When I went to the other side of the lake I was thrown off a bit because now the lake was to the north. When I first cruised in the Southern Hemisphere I wondered if it would be at all disorientating and it wasn't at all. I thought about it a lot (lots of time on a passage to think heavy thoughts) and came to realize that my spatial sense is not organized around absolute direction eg north, but on the relative position of things, the lake is there or South America is there while the Galapagos is there. Hence my preference for having the plotter set to course up. I remember crossing the Indian Ocean and zooming out on the plotter and seeing in what direction I would have to go to India, Australia, Madagascar. From the discussion here it seems that many people work on a north is there basis. For me I don't care where north is unless I am going that way.

For the north at the top crowd, do you have true or magnetic there?
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