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Old 01-20-2002
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Firing warning shots legal or not?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Big Red, but in FL to display a "weapon" be it a firearm or knife....most anything that can be construed as a weapon.....and all the party you "showed" it to has to tell the law is that they felt threatened....and you are subject to arrest for "Assault" and probably even more charges. Firing the firearm is a steeper charge. I suggest that the more intelligent approach would be to flip the offender a sign of your disdain, pick up a fishing rod with about a 12" long shiny lure with really, really big treble hooks on it and flip it across his path.......... Now if he gets closer than 100'' or is it 100 yards, he''s violating a Florida Statute regarding passing too close to a boat from which fishing is taking place. And if he or she is really stupid......well let your imagination do the rest.

Its worked in the past for me.......
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