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Re: Need Opinion: Chart plotter, north up or course up?

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Linier thinkers...cant understand the creative thinkers perspective or even get how they can see things from another perspective ( an upside down chart for instance)... "free thinkers"...Less apt to be confined by conventions. Can deal with multiple dimensions or things not lined up without anxiety. They cant understand the linier thinkers and see it as confined thinking.
c2s - I don't think that's right. It's not that us linear thinkers can't understand the perspective of creative thinkers/free thinkers. It's that we can't understand why they are have so much trouble figuring out how to do things in the most EFFICIENT way. Or is that the RIGHT way?

I spent a lot of time earlier in my life teaching and being responsible for navigation of expensive boats and if called on to be able to shoot accurately at other expensive boats. Much of the navigation and targeting was done with our heads below the surface of the water. During my early years in the business we did a lot of our computations with slide rules and thumb rules. Innovations later allowed computers do most of the grunt work for both of those tasks. We found that the use of computers frequently caused loss of spatial orientation. Loss of orientation is very dangerous. Looking for a way to minimize loss of orientation we came up with a simple way to reorient the watch simply asking frequently for them to "point to North" or "point at the target." Soon the computer operators began to ask themselves these questions and they seldom lost their orientation afterwards.

It's not so much how you fold the chart or lay it down on the table (or on the screen) but whether the relationship between the geometry on the chart and the geography of your surroundings is revealed in your "mind's eye."
"It's not what you know that's's what you do with what you know." -H.G. Rickover
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