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Re: Need Opinion: Chart plotter, north up or course up?

Originally Posted by wingNwing View Post
And then, if you're doing the ICW using those full-size Maptech chart books (Regions 6 and 7, if you're shopping for them) this whole discussion falls apart, because those chart books just present the segments of the NOAA charts that show the ICW ... course up. So to have your chartplotter match your paper charts you'd set it ... course up. Wind direction? Doesn't matter, you go where the daymarks tell you there's water...
I figure it's just a matter of time before there are 2 separate versions of ICW chartbooks published - one for 'Southbound', with all charts printed in 'South-Up' mode, and one for 'Northbound', oriented to NU... If I were a guy like John Kettlewell, I'd give that serious consideration, could be a hot seller... (grin)

I've always found it interesting how few people - when transiting sections of the ICW that run due E & W, such as the Alligator-Pungo Canal - will still speak on the VHF in terms of being either 'south' or 'north-bound'... They're technically correct, of course, in terms of the general direction of their travel on the ICW, but seems to illustrate how unaware most typically are as to their actual heading at any given time... Commercial/professional captains (their plotters set to North-up, no doubt (grin)) seem to be the only ones who are more likely to refer to their actual direction of travel on the Ditch...

Seems a minor point, I know, but it can easily result in some confusion between sailors at certain points... Take the Neuse River, for example... A snowbird heading down the ICW might call a local boat sailing off Oriental, identifying themselves as 'Southbound', when in fact they may be much closer to being 'westbound'... Fog is not unheard of in that area, and such confusion between two boats with their operators peering into their radar screens could turn out to be a very costly mistake, with both of them mistakenly under the impression that one of them is on a very different heading than they are in reality...

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