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Re: New sailing j-22 to a Hobie wave

Some excellent advice on this this thread.

Most Hobies don't have a centerboard which is one of the reasons they can be tricky to tack. You hit the nail on the head when you said the Hobie seemed to take a wider track while tacking than did the J22. The 22 was turning on it's keel. Relatively speaking the difference is like the j boat turning on a dime.

That said, the advice to maintain speed, and not stall the rudders is spot on. Hobies need momentum to tack. Anything that bleeds speed off is a tack killer.

if you get stuck half way thru the tack depending on wind speed you may need to take a step or two to get going. Essentially, because the boat can't go forward because it is head to wind you need to go backwards. Huh? Yup, you need to sail backwards to get yourself unstuck ( out of Irons). In moderate to heavy winds this is a one step process - reverse the rudders. The wind pushes the boat backwards, the stern of the boat will go in whatever direction the rudders are pointing. The sail should be unsheeted until the bow comes around to your sailing course. Once pointed in the right direction go neutral on the rudders, sheet in and sail away. In light winds there is sometimes an extra step - that is - using the main sail to help you back up. Rather than just sitting there bobbing up and down waiting for physics to take over, give it some help by pushing the main sail out to act like a big air brake. Whatever wind there is will push you back more quickly by doing this. Experience Hobie racers who blow a tack make this look like part of the tacking sequence. IOW, with some practice, it's not hard to do.

Good luck with your sailing experience and welcome to a great sport!!!! Or is it a hobby? Either way, it's a lot of fun!!!!!

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