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Re: What do I do if someone anchors too close?

Lol. Funny you should say that! I went there two days ago! But friday harbor is more fun. It just got really crowded on the 4th. Whoa whoa whoa. Lopez over San Juan, its not even close. San Juan by a long shot. Fishermans is good but these summer southerlies funnel straight in there. It was blowing 15-20 yesterday afternoon stronger in the bay than once I got out. I put a reef I nbefore I left but it wasn't needed.

Did I tell you about the day before someone came and laid their 200 feet of chain on top of my anchor and then swung around me pulling up my anchor? I came back and the guy was on his boat and waved me over. He was actually really nice by the way. He said he snagged my anchor and every time he tried to retrieve his he pulled our boats together. So he was waiting for me to come back and I fended the boats apart as he pulled up his anchor. I had to untie my bitter end and walk on his bow and untwist my rode. Then he reanchored elsewhere.

Don't come near me.

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