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Re: Need Opinion: Chart plotter, north up or course up?

Originally Posted by knuterikt View Post
I love these posts where people are categorized as inferior sailors/navigators just beacuse their mind does not work the same way as yours...
Originally Posted by JonEisberg
'Course Up' is for 'drivers' of Sea Rays, without a paper chart in sight...

Anyone who can't figure out North Up, shouldn't be at the helm to begin with... (grin)
My apologies, but perhaps you are taking that first comment a bit too literally, or seriously... Sure, I can be pretty flip with my comments, and in truth probably don't apply a (grin) nearly as often as I probably should... (grin)

However, you'll note that I did not say that anyone who has a PREFERENCE for North-Up shouldn't be at the helm, but rather anyone WHO CAN'T FIGURE OUT North-Up shouldn't be there...

I'll stand by that distinction... Aboard my boat, or any boat I'm running, anyone not comfortable or confident in their ability to interpret a chart or plotter in a North Up orientation, well... I won't be trusting them to take the helm unsupervised, or in anything other than the most benign of circumstances, they'll just be along for the ride... Nor, will I be going below for a nap... (grin)

Originally Posted by tdw View Post
I agree with Jon re map reading skills. Ok so we have backups that do not rely on boat power but had we been sailing when our girl was clobbered by the lightning earlier this year we would have been starring at a blank screen. In one case our nav station plotter survived the strike but its aerial didn't.

Now I am well into the school of "paper as a backup" but really, if anyone going sailing or trekking does so without the ability to read a map then man oh man that soul is looking a tadge dim. Presumably also, anyone who goes out using IPhone for navigation probably doesn't even carry a pocket compass.
That's one of my primary reasons for arguing in favor of North-Up... If one is forced to resort to navigating on paper alone, unless one possesses the remarkable ability to "just as easily" read every detail, and plot accurately on an upside-down chart under a dim red light at night (grin), the chart staring you in the face in the North-up mode WILL be the 'default setting' you'll be dealing with...

Given the added stress placed upon a navigator suddenly placed in such straits, and the high probability of fatigue and exhaustion eventually coming into play, it seems to me that forcing someone to navigate in a manner that they are heretofore unaccustomed to might only add to the drama of such a scenario, and increase the potential for making a mistake...

Different strokes for different folks, of course, and I truly admire the ability of those who can switch from one orientation to the other, and think nothing of it... Perhaps because I've done as much singlehanding as I have, I'm more than a bit acquainted with true fatigue, and exhaustion, and how easily the stupidest of errors can be made by one as experienced as yours truly... (of course, this could be just me, and others here are immune to such ill effects)

I'll always argue in favor of the KISS principle... Pick one mode of navigating, and stick with it... And, you may as well stick with the one you'll be stuck with, in the event that plotter goes dark... (grin)

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