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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
Well then would you and others like to re-visit my Post 48 where I said:

If they were hard pressed on the hull maintenance how can we be sure the engine was the brand new one shown in packing, or what looks like an old but rebuilt one in the clean engine room looking like its being put in, not taken out.

I'm not being accusatory... I just think the photo in Post 35 doesnt gell and need professional eyes to have a lookie

I'm inclined to take Steve Darden's word for it... (although he does get the brand wrong, calling it a CAT instead of a Cummins, so I suppose you may still be entitled to your reasonable doubt (grin))

From the LATITUDE 38 article I cited:


Steve and Dorothy Darden are former Tiburon residents who had the custom Morrelli & Melvin 52 catamaran Adagio built for them in New Zealand in 2000, and have been spending most of the time since cruising between Alaska and Tasmania. The Dardens became friends with the Dyches while in New Zealand last year, and were among the last to see them alive.

"When we arrived at Whangarei, New Zealand, from New Caledonia to have some work done, Niņa was already there," remembers Dorothy Darden. "David, who runs a big vessel for the oil industry in I believe Brazil and works three months and then gets three month off, was at work at the time. But we became good friends with Rosemary and her son David Jr., 17, who were staying on the anchored-out schooner. They spent Christmas with us, came to my birthday party, and had dinner on our boat.

"David came back sometime in March," Dorothy continues, "and in March or April he and their crew set off for Australia. Unfortunately, Niņa's engine broke down. So they returned to Opua, ordered a new engine, and David returned to work in Brazil. When David came back, the new Caterpillar engine was installed, and the boat prepared for sea. They would ultimately clear out of Opua for Newcastle, but the day before they left they drove down to Whangarei to say goodbye to us and others."
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