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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

It seems to me that Harborless had it right, although the assumption that this boat was in poor shape could have been completely wrong. From the pictures below decks, it looked like a well maintained old wood boat. I have owned a couple of these. They are as strong and seaworthy as any glass boat. They don't need a thin film of fg to keep the sea out! IMO, this boat must have had a soft, rotten or worm-eaten keel. It probably just split apart and went down in seconds. Once a wood boat loses its structural integrity, planking starts moving and loosening, butt blocks start falling off, garboard planks spit out caulking and start falling off. A thin layer of glass indicates that proper repairs were not done and the hull was in poor condition. Looking at the drawings of this boat in a previous post, it appears to be constructed in a non-standard configuration with the keel having many pieces and apparently becoming very thin toward the bow section. Its basic construction could have contributed to a catastrophic failure.

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