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Re: Need Opinion: Chart plotter, north up or course up?

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Ah yes a good "Chicken Little" demo...the sky is falling...the sky is falling and we all need to go back to our roots, get out the maps, get out the firestarters Why.... lets take it to the nth degree. Lets go back before the was the ruinatuion of all of us and it caused cars which caused global warming. ( grin) how far should be go the dinosaurs....the flageliites,,,,,the spark that caused it all....the big bang.
Congrats, that's about as far as I've ever seen anyone run with such a hysterically absurd analogy regarding the issue of navigation and seamanship, and the possibility that a sailor may someday have to resort to more traditional means to find their way home... (grin)

Again, perhaps it's just me, and I am the only one who ever has - or ever will - experience a total power failure at sea... Or, suffered the consequences of the inherent incompatibility of sophisticated electronic devices with salt water, and had one of those screens go dark...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
While I agree and utilize paper charts as you do, I do not demonize the use of electronics and aids utilizing electronics ...
OK, I give up...

How you continue to interpret my views on these subjects as "demonizing electronics" is completely beyond me...
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