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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

Originally Posted by Roger Long View Post
How could he possibly be right? NONE of us here could be "right" with the information currently.

The process of speculation can contribute to the safety of all of us it done properly. However, the search for approval or getting the consensus of a forum align with your thinking is counter productive to that aim.
Obviously, no one knows. That's why I said, "It seems..," translated as, "most likely." In this thread and in the ensuing research by posters, more information about the boat has emerged. The new information suggests that the hull was in questionable condition. Speculating on the most likely scenario based on unfolding facts is certainly a worthwhile exercise and one that serves to elicit knowledge that is the essence of these types of discussions. We could all be wrong. It's the exchange of ideas that counts. Digging one's heels in and personal attacks over speculative opinion is silly. From what has come forth, I believe at this point that the failing structure of this boat has become apparent and very likely had something to do with her loss... if indeed she IS lost, which is itself still speculation.

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