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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

Ill post one more time to this forum until the next time i have an actual question which cannot be answered by myself, my literature, my neighbors, or my abilities to cut and paste.

MAYBE the reason i come accross as an ******* is because the last two years posting here ive been treated like a dumb irresponsible young no nothing with no insight or intelligence worthy of being heard by ye old sailing masters.

Maybe all the disrespect, arrogance, know it all attitude and baseless assumptions have contributed to me having a built up defensive tone which comes accross as being an *******.

Im an ******* on sailnet gen discuss because you all made me that way because i stopped caring months ago. Im simply a producut of my enviornment. This is why my inbox gets filled with all these thank yous and well dones and keep it ups bc i suppose others do not want the public ridicule while im still young and stubborn enough to say no, thats incorrect, and speak out.

What i dont know i ask, what i dont understand i research. Unlike many here that when confronted with fact and truths can only reply with atleast they can spell better than me.

Well congrat u frigginlations.well done. At least i am ALWAYS willing to learn anf change my opinions based on facts and logics not just beat out of my old tired and worn out corner.

Ill be an ******* and you all can be disrespectful, arrogant, and many times wrong. Seems we all enjoy it the most.

See you in a few months, or not, whatever.

Flame away. I wont be reading.

Out out out.
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