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Re: Cruising Worlds Top 40 Boats

Originally Posted by Jeff_H View Post
The Moore 24 is a super little race boat, and a very cool design. I love these boats. But again, how did it show up on this list?
That was the one that baffled me, as well... Then, it dawned on me, that regular CW contributor Webb Chiles's latest boat is a Moore 24...

Originally Posted by Jeff_H View Post
The polling at this point shows the Island Packet 38 as leading as the number 1 best of all time. To me this boat fails on the sailing ability characteristics being lousy in light air, corky in a rough stuff, and not great heavy air boats. They are good live aboards, they have benefitted from aggressive advertising, but are these really the best cruising boat of all times? If that is what the readers of Cruising World believe to be true, then I seriously question the criteria of these readers.
yeah, but you're overlooking one very important thing...

Their performance under power IS pretty impressive... (grin)

Great thoughts, as always, my friend... What you've served to remind us, is how few designers and production builders actually have managed to satisfy the wide array of compromises and criteria that go into the making of a truly great cruising boat... (As an aside, it would be interesting to see how many of CW's 'Boat of The Year' winners through the years wound up making the list ... I suspect VERY few, the H-R 42 might have been one (grin))

Lists like this are always gonna be problematic and the subject of much debate, and in fairness one must resist the temptation to make comparisons between 'bluewater' and 'coastal cruising' boats that each might rightfully belong on such a list... And, since they've limited it to boats built in volume by Production Builders, an awful lot of great designs and boats are gonna be left out...

One builder conspicuously absent to my eye, is J-Boats... Now, I realize they're hardly considered 'cruising boats' by most, but I've always thought the J-40 represented the sort of 'breakthrough' design in terms of a performance cruiser that I think the editors were looking for... Sure, the boat is somewhat light on tankage, etc., but otherwise I think they make an otherwise wonderful all-around compromise between performance, and liveability/practicality, and I think in retrospect turned out to represent a pretty influential new direction towards performance among production builders... (Not to mention, somewhat surprising to see one of CW's most loyal advertisers shut out completely)

On to the larger boats, I also think that a design that represents the design philosophy of Steve Dashew, and perfected by Chuck Paine with his Bougainvilla Series rates inclusion on such a list... A boat like the Apogee 50 is in my estimation one of the greatest large cruising boats ever, but in fairness were built in such small numbers by Able, or Kanter, I suppose they really don't belong... But still, the sort of 'breakthrough' that I would think deserved recognition, somehow...

OK, so when are we gonna see YOUR list? (grin, bigtime)

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