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Re: Sailboat perishes off Hatteras, USCG rescues crew

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Jon- You sound like the Who- "I hope I die before I get old". We are on the wrong side of sixty and hope to sail including passage making into our mid seventies. We have done things I think you think unwise from your statements on other threads such as leading everything aft. Still the Dutchman, powered winches and Autopilot make the day in and day sailing feasible for us. We kept it down to 46' in the belief that if all the "advances"( all winches are powered) fail even in our decrepitude we could still sail the boat. Believe it's much harder (but not impossible) once you get above the mid forties LOA to have a boat that runs on muscle power alone. We have mast pulpits and winches on the mast with the sails rigged to be reefable from there if necessary. Hell the main and genny weigh so much I can't get them off without help from a whippersnapper. I would have no problem with a 50'er with split rig but agree with you many of the 50'er now are unsailable by even a bunch of 30 somethings once the power fails.
What I don't get about the IP post is I thought it was a sailboat. ?What about putting up a storm jib/trysail BEFORE it got untenable and fore reaching out to sea if there wasn't enough room for a run with a drogue out.

P.S.- two days ago spent the night in Bristol, R.I. near an Amel. Folks in the dinghy looked to have ten years on me. Looked like the boat has done and will do some miles.
LOL! Hey, what can I say, I'm just a wimp about this, I suppose...

We all have different comfort levels about the sizes of boats we're comfortable sailing shorthanded, is all... Mine now roundabout 40-42 feet, the H-R 43 I recently ran up from Trinidad is about the upper limit of what I'd care to sail regularly (66+ feet above the water is about as high as I EVER want to go up a rig, for one thing (grin)) 80 lb anchors are about as much as I care to deal with, and so on... The main on this H-R is pretty big, about as much as I'd care to deal with in a tropical squall in the middle of the night, and so on... (No moon, no radar on that trip, we came close to getting caught with our pants down a couple of times) Oh, and I probably should mention, I'm one of those wusses who considers 30 knots to be a LOT of wind, and frankly - the forces involved on 50+ footers in such conditions, whether aided by powered winches or not, simply scare me...

Unfortunately, the boats I'm asked to deliver keep getting bigger, yet I keep getting older... Not the ideal trend, over the long haul... (grin)

We all have different levels of comfort regarding this stuff, it's as simple as that... My 'threshold' seems a bit more conservative than most, is all...

I've no doubt you've made a superb choice with your Outbound, however... A 40-42' version of the same would come as close as anything out there now to being my own Dream Boat...

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