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Re: Comet 41s

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
I have been told that my boat is strong but without prove I abstained myself about commenting on that. Well, today I had the prove that I would preferred not to have: I was rammed full speed astern at almost the middle of the boat by a 50 ton wooden motorboat .

That was frightening, the motorboat had a malfunction on the commands and just keep coming astern till hit my anchored boat. These professionals with big motorboats like to show off using big power to turn the boat around and the result was full speed astern. the boat should be doing more than 6K when it hit my poor boat.

To aggravate the situation the impact was not with the motorboat hull but with the steel structure of the swinging platform (much more narrow). The result was just some deep scratch on the gelcoat and I would not be surprised if some delamination would have happened (even if not visible) since all impact was on the cored hull zone and very localized.

The impact was just huge and the British skipper of the near by old Camper and Nicholson could not believe the boat was not holed.

The interior wood work is all good. I have to take it apart to see if the fiberglass is okay. Never saw anything like this and it had just to happen to me.

Now, that is bad luck

By the way, it happened on the Vulcano Island near Messina straight.

Very sorry to hear about your misfortune. ....but quite glad to hear you stayed afloat!

I wish your Comet a quick recovery.

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