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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Hello ImASonOfaSailor,

Originally Posted by ImASonOfaSailor View Post
I dont understand Monohull thinking, Monohulls are very nice to look at traditional sailing, slow sailing contained to a cockpit or the lifeline! Once it starts healing Yeahh your having fun going slow Sideways healed over with a trick to get inside if you need a drink!
During long journeys in monohulls I found that after a while I was tired of
  • getting in and out of a steep and deep companionway
  • going around the boat to attend cable jams or reef sails
  • fix things in the galley while underway

I'd try to avoid this "design features" in my chosen boat

A catamaran is not hard to sail at all i dont know why people say this! I use to sail monos now i am a catamaran lover! I can get places quicker, i do not need whitecaps to have a fast sail! When the winds pick up i can go faster and safe and drink and eat in 25 plus winds! you can always find a used boat yes buying new is alot of dollar but if you have it i would buy a Catana
[disclaimer]I am yet to face rough weather aboard a large catamaran[/disclaimer]
As far as I've seem I cannot agree more, they are not difficult to sail. You'll loose some helm feedback and will have to adapt yourself to this side effect.

The Outremer is another awesome boat i prefer Dagger boards the boat points better and you can pull them up!
The outremer also has daggerboards, but I think that they've changed a little bit the original concept (Gerard Danson's design). The 5X, showed in the video you posted, features a lot of "extras" and I just think that electricity and salt water doesn't go along very well. I'd try to keep them to a minimum for a cruiser boat. But €220+ for a 10 years old 45' with such a spartan interior is a LOT of money IMHO. Anyway I'll keep them in sight should an opportunity arises.

Thanks for sharing your opinion