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Re: Sailboat perishes off Hatteras, USCG rescues crew

Originally Posted by JonEisberg View Post
Well, that's very gentlemanly and generous of you, but I would simply suggest you may be seriously underestimating the sheer stupidity of taking a boat best suited for the ICW out around Hatteras - a far LONGER route than inside, along one of the deadliest lee shores in the entire North Atlantic - in the dead of winter, just as the most powerful winter storm of the year is drawing a bead on the region, while hoping one of of 3 most treacherous and changeable inlets on the entire East coast might represent a reasonable bail-out option...

Sorry, I've done some pretty stupid things with boats over the years, but I have little problem saying "coulda shoulda" in this case... :-)

Jon, when first read of this incident I agreed with you 100%. And, i agree there was no reason to go outside, imo, for any reason. Buttttt! But then i read the captain's acct. Truthfully, while I still don't like some of the decisions that were made. My own conclusion is what we have here is a Domino Effect incident. Same as many aircraft crashes. In this case take away one Domino and we never hear about a boat named Adante 2. Storm takes it's projected path to the northwest, no rescue. Captain's forecast of 6 to 8 holds we have no rescue. The boats engine doesn't hit the crapper we don't have a rescue. They are somehow able to shoot the inlet, (yeah i know)we don't have a rescue.

In hindsight these captains look downright incompetent. They sit right at the intersection of poor judgement and bad luck. Truth is, maybe they are incompetent. Key word here "maybe." AS i said in my previous post the line between pulling it off and getting away with it is razor thin. We have all been there! And i agree my take is generous. But lacking an NTSB level investigation we've got to draw our own conclusions.

That said, i would never hire these guys to move a boat.
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