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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Sucker! Heh-heh.

Look, I'm not just winding things up here. Brent has made a hell of a lot of claims and taken a hell of a lot of shots at people across many forums. Most of these claims have been about his boats - many of them have been about stuff people have supposedly said. And the majority of them just don't add up.

So, according to your own signature line from that fine philosopher, I'm checking sources, doing some research on Brent's claims. If they stand up to scrutiny, I am indeed just winding things up. If not, I'm learning something for myself just like any Cruiser Wannabe should do. Thus far, those claims are not doing so well.

For example, with Brent's quotes above (and elsewhere) - would a typical Cruiser Wannabe surmise that it's pretty cheap to buy the plans/DVD for a BS Boat, pretty quick and easy to get the boat put together, and pretty cheap to complete her and sail her for the rest of your life with extremely low maintenance time and costs if you're just resourceful?

I think yes.

But then you start looking through what's actually out there (my examples above), and what it takes to get it done - and the reality is very different from this picture.

For example, take the vaunted Silas Crosby: the boat | s/v silas crosby

Brent's quote above talks about pulling the exterior of a boat together in 6 days. But what comes after that 6 days of roughing things out? Well, according to the Silas Crosby guy, this:

And this isn't even a cost breakdown.

Does that Cruiser Wannabe lining up for plans know what he's really getting into? The tools. The multi-discipline know-how. The multi-year time commitment. The substantial financial investment. ALL before ever getting to sail a single mile?

So, no. I'm not just winding things up here. I'm trying to figure out what Brent is talking about. Because it's not these boats.
There is no way I worked 500 hours on that boat . Did most of it in the month of June 1992, then went sailing for the rest of the summer. Steve worked part time on her, while working as a doctor in Courtenay. Being a doctor who had just sold a Spencer 35 he had sailed to New Zealand and back ,he could afford to buy new what most would have time to find used.
The steel for the keels is a 8 ft by 12 ft 1/4 inch plate and the half inch bottoms , 6 inches wide by 6 ft long , about 1,000 lbs in total for the steel. It would take more of your AIG , Enron style, creative calculating to make it 2,000 lbs. The plans don't call for the extra 500 lbs of ballast and Steve is the only one who has put that much in. Steve made the boat a part time hobby, mixing boat building with, hiking in the mountains, skiing , cross country and downhill, and many other family activities along with working. He knows how to enjoy life.
Rowland towed his 36, ballasted , all steel work done , to Edmonton . He said the govt scales said it was 15,000 lbs, total.
I launched my 31 a month after the steel arrived in 84. The folks at Newcastle marina can confirm that. Winston Bushnell can confirm that.
I had $4,000 to my name, total when I ordered the steel, then $40 when I launched her. Then I made another $2,000 to detail rig and get her liveable, by october the same year after having puled Uller and Moon Raven together in June of that year. The folks on Cortes Island can confirm that.
I spent three weeks in Winnipeg building Ron Rietsma's boat which sails on lake Winnipeg. In those three weeks I got most of the steel work done including the mast, self steering , all deck details, tankage , lifelines handrails hatches , etc etc in effect all the steel detailing as well. I was only there for three weeks. Commercial builders charge a fortune for that amount of work or much less, in the way of detailing.
Sure, some, who don't have a lot of money, will be stupid enough to to buy everything new , salvage nothing, despite our being awash in perfectly good used gear with absolutely nothing wrong with it, then complain about the cost of everything. Some will spend their working time smoking dope and drinking, or taking trips to Asia the west Indies, etc, do. doing nothing on the boat for years on end, then complain about how long it is taking,Some have. Others have spent years without setting foot on the boat, making babies, surfing , traveling . skiing etc, but that is not my fault. I have only claimed that one CAN get a boat together quickly without it costing a fortune. Many of my clients have accomplished that. I never claimed that my boats build themselves.

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