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Re: Interesting tale of a captain who abandoned vessel

Originally Posted by miatapaul View Post
I don't think it is anything to admire in the fact that he took completely unnecessary risks, in his "adventure" that he was completely unprepared for. He inconvenienced the tanker in asking them to save him. He leaves his boat to drift as the article said through busy shipping lanes(should have scuttled it seems he had plenty of time), so he put those in the shipping lanes at risk. He can't be bothered to get insurance on the boat. He is surprised that it just shows up, what did he think it would just disappear after he abandoned it. He seems happy to have his collection of running shoes back?

Oh don't let your responsibilities get in the way of a race. No way, just leave your boat on the beach for others to deal with. Yea, that is something to admire, unfortunately it is what is becoming the American way, no need to take responsibility for our own actions. It must be someone else fault, can't be mine. Hum who should I sue about this, it cant be my fault after all they let me sail out into the open ocean alone, unprepared, not knowing what I was doing and not knowing what to expect. Perhaps it is my parents faults, after all they raised me to be irresponsible. Yea I can admire that, oh no wait I can't because it is called being irresponsible.

If you own a boat, yes you should be responsible and take care of it. If you are not willing to do that then don't buy one, join a sail club and pay them to take care of it for you. Unfortunately our lives are full of responsibilities.
Little worked up there?

How many boats are scuttled as they abandoned? Percentage? I would wager most are not.

He took five months to prepare and outfit the boat. How much more prepared could he be? As for the weather, to get experience you have to live through it. IMO, he gave up the ship too readily. That was poor judgement because he lacked experience. A more experienced sailor would have told him to sit down and shut up! The boat is just fine! Butttt, he didn't have the experience and he made what he believed was the right call.

OTOH, thousands have gone before him and done exactly what he attempted to do, sail a small boat across the ocean. And they did it! Successfully!!! Most had little or no previous experience. Some have gone on to write books about it and be hailed by the sailing community as heros of sort. That's the flip side. Yet, they were no more prepared than this guy.

On leaving the boat. Did i read this wrong or did he hire a tow company to to get the boat off? That sounds to me an awfull lot like taking responsibility. Regardless, short of hitting it with a Sawz-all what's he supposed to do?

Then there's the legal question because he abandoned the boat does he still own it?

That he thought the boat was at such peril that he is surprised it didn't sink tells you that at the time he got off he thought the boat wasn't going to make it.

The CG was aware of the boat floating out there and did nothing. The Edgartown Fire Department did nothing to keep the boat off the beach, even though they could have easily taken it in tow, and you are PO'd at this guy? The guy's plans are to live his life, which in this case means running that race. IMO, good for him! After-all, standing on the beach trying to give it a good push isn't going to help, so why not?
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