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Re: Interesting tale of a captain who abandoned vessel

Originally Posted by miatapaul View Post
True but most should be, and if not salvage arrangements be made. Again he is not taking responsibility for his actions.

As soon as he found out the boat was on the beach he took action to reclaim it.

As for not scuttling it, In all the coast guard footage of boat rescues out there on TV and You Tube i don't see the coast guard or anyone on these boats risking their lives to scuttle the boats. maybe, you are right here, these boats should be scuttled. But more than harsh that you hold this guy to a higher standard than others.

Because others are irresponsible does not mean that you should be as well. 5 months is nowhere near enough time to gain the experience necessary. Others have done it yes, Tania Aebi (but she did it in a new and outfitted boat) is one example who just happened to survive. But it is not uncommon for a fit out of a new to you boat to take years, to do it right for real offshore voyages. 5 months experience sailing is nothing, unlikely to even see much bad weather in that time, and if he was outfitting his boat during that time likely only a a little bit of time on the actual water.

IMO these people are not irresponsible. They are rookies. That so many have done the same as this guy and written about it, if nothing else, probably encouraged him. I disagree that it takes years of experience to venture across oceans. Not that it's a bad thing, just that everyone has their own comfort level. IMO, what this guy did, buy a boat, take five months to outfit it and learn how to sail it was not beyond the realm of reason.

Well it is not the Fire department's job to tow his boat, and would likely open them to liability. Again trying to shirk responsibilities off on someone else.

Yeah, we'd remove the hazzrd to navigation and keep the boat from hurting people as it pounds its way onto the beach, but its not our job." Seriously?

I don't know if he hired the salvage operation or if they are doing it to claim the boat. Legally he still owns it and is responsible for any damages it may do, including environmental. But anyone who pulls the boat off the beach can claim ownership if they want, as that is marine salvage law. I doubt he will show back up to clean up or pay for his salvage. Does not seem to be in his character from what we have seen so far. And yes if he needs to he should be the one taking a sawz-all to it if need be, or at least interrupting his busy racing schedule to manage the job. Again I don't see any trace of admirable actions on his part. After all it is just easier to drive away in a nice air conditioned RV. Why do you seem so happy to see him shirk his responsibility? You seem a bit defensive.
you think i'm defensive? Hmm? I don't see him as shirking responsibilty. Only following his ordered priorities. The purpose of buying the boat was to add some adventure to his running itinerary. Running is a lifestyle. The boat is a material thing. I see it that he isn't letting the material thing reorder his lifestyle. He is not letting the toy own him. Tough concept huh?

Yeah, the boat is a problem. one that can be dealt with by phone from anywhere in the world. And even from his RV

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