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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
B S:
Just put the matter to rest by publishing one of your weight studies. That should do it. If nothing esle it will put the peanut gallery to sleep. Few things are more boring or NECESSARY than a weight study.
Are you implying that all owners of your boats put exactly the same things of exactly the same weigh in every one of your boats, or that you make that assumption when designing them?
Now that's naive, or dishonest! Go read Hal Roths calculation of the weight of ground tackle he used. Do you use the same numbers for weight calculations for your 35 footers? Did Spencer? Did his boat float on the waterline they said it would ? Not achance! Nor do yours fully loaded for cruising?
Someone earlier on this thread sugested that two boxes of stuff constituted a cruising load. The designer of my first boat, Kinny, calculated 200 lbs total for personal belongings. Now that's incredibly naive, or dishonest to get the numbers down. I have no idea of how much of a packrat any owner will turn out to be( and neither do you) and I'm honest enough to admit it, unlike some designers who claim to have telpathic knowledge of such maters. to get their numbers down to misleading, unrealistic promises.I give the empty weight, which is all any designer is capable of doing honestly, the rest is up to the owner which will vary widely. No two owners will put exactly the same interior in.

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