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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
No Brent BS designs do not look good. They are in fact crude and pretty ugly boats. They are boats. I'll give you that. They are not yachts. You will never convince me otherwise. At 15 years old I knew that boats could look better than the designs you produce. If that was yacht design I would have chosen a diffent path.

But hell, ugly is good. Lots of people like ugly. Not sure why.
I think you are on very thin ice when you talk about aesthetics.

But you still manage to try to change the subject everytime a reasonable question is asked. You refuse to go head to head. Weasel.

About that weight study? Are you going to post it or just weasel out and try to once again change the subject. You weasel well.

Bob. This contradicts your earlier posts.. You have some of the best looking boats out there, second only to mine. If I emulated your hull shapes in steel, they would be horrendously expensive, time consuming,"Miss Bondo's." Different materials call for different shapes.
No argueing with the weight given by a government highway scale.
Bedtime. Getin dark, too dark to see.

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