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Re: Do you wear a life jacket?

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
Does the boat itself impact anyone's decision on whether to wear a life jacket all the time? Is there a difference between single handing a J24 and walking the decks of a cruise ship? If so, where is the breakpoint?
Of course it does... But I would suggest that deck ergonomics are far more important than boat size, that there is far less risk leaving the cockpit of a boat such as a Cape George 31, than many larger modern designs featuring narrow side decks, minimal toe rails, huge cockpit coamings, and sculpted and multi-faceted decks... But it also seems any such "breakpoint" will vary considerably from one individual to the next, and rightfully so...

I'll never be in the "wear one all the time" camp, as I made clear earlier in this thread, I honestly can't recall the last time I wore a vest... Probably on a delivery of a V-42 to the islands the year before last, and primarily to simply 'set an example' for my crew, one of whom was my oldest nephew... :-)

My attitude has always been akin to the most sensible view towards reefing: I will don a life vest, or a harness and tether, whenever the thought occurs to me, that NOW might be a sensible time to do so... But, not before... :-)

It's worked fine for me so far, but others' mileage may vary, of course...
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