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Re: Docking for Dummies

Originally Posted by emcentar View Post
New boat owner here. I'm having some anxiety about backing out of my slip, after failing to get enough momentum for steerage on a recent attempt and having the prop walk and wind spin my boat clockwise when I was attempting to turn her counter-clockwise.

Ideally, I'd like a fool-proof (anxiety proof?) way to reverse out of the slip, against the prop walk, particularly while I'm still a novice. This method of using a stern spring line looks appealing, but I'm worried that I don't understand how it could go wrong, and what to do if it does. Is it really as simple as this video makes it look?

So far I haven't had much problem getting her back in the slip (fatal last words, I'm sure) although I'm still a little uncertain which lines to use to completely stop the boat while we tie her up. Any tips?

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I have done just what that video showed, it worked great. The trick is to only give it just enough throttle to start the boat moving, then let it coast, and the slower it goes, as long as it is moving backwards steadily, the better. The line really will turn the boat, it has to, as long as you hold it and force the pivot.

Just have someone on board a few times to fend for you and practice it over and over, touch and go just like a pilot in training. Focus on your surroundings, and feel the way your boat moves, get used to the feel and try it under various conditions, practice will build confidence and make you a more perfect sailor.


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