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Re: Do you wear a life jacket?

Sorry for the slow response... I've been off not wearing my life jacket :-)

Sorry Down, I guess we are destined to butt head here.

Your edit: "Nice attempt at a guilt trip. I see a great future for you in life insurance sales.... (honestly!). " [/QUOTE]
I kind of resent that you edited my statement so it appears that "honestly!" applies to something that it clearly didn't. Are you going into competition with Smack?

Originally Posted by downeast450 View Post
It is a very serious matter. Down
No it's not. Life itself is not serious. If you take it too seriously, the joke is on you. We are all going to die... every one of us.

Originally Posted by downeast450 View Post
Hopefully the consequences of an avoidable drowning accident are never something that you have to confront. Down
Too late for that, unfortunately - see what making assumptions can do for you? North sea at night and not missed until the next watch. To my surprise, the body was recovered three days later. A life jacket would have been useless and anyway, this was in the days when nobody put on a life jacket until you were sinking. kellysails was right about one thing - had he been wearing a life jacket he would have probably died of hypothermia rather than drowning.

Originally Posted by downeast450 View Post
The crack about "life insurance" is thoughtless, at best. Down
Not really. A cheap shot maybe but it was an attempt to poke fun at the absurd, gilt laden accusation that anyone who didn't agree with kellysail's point of view was being abusive to their loved ones.

It's summer! we should be sailing rather than bitching at each other, eh?

"The great thing about the internet is that you can quote anyone and no one will bother to check the source" - Aristotle
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