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Originally Posted by denverd0n View Post
I'm not sure I understand your complaint here. You saw the boat. You knew there was something wrong with the coach roof, even though at this point you did not know exactly what. You made your offer. I assume that you made a lower offer than you would have if you had not known there was something wrong with the coach roof. You get the survey and find the boat is not acceptable.

Sounds to me like it worked exactly like it is supposed to. Yes, you're out the cost of the survey, but how else could you find out that the roof was not repairable? The point of the survey is to find out if there is anything significant, not already accounted for in the price, that you cannot tell through your own careful inspection. And in this case you found that out.

Or is it that you are upset with the seller for not telling you ahead of time that the boat was junk? If he didn't know then you can hardly blame him for that. If he did know then he is another one of the LMDs from the subject line.

Again, I guess I'm just not sure how it is that you think it is supposed to work.
I wasn't upset at all. Just faced with the ass backwards world of boat buying in the blind.

Actually I did know what was wrong with roof. And i knew the mast compression block was fixable. What i didn't know was how much damage was done to the roof and other structures from this neglected repair.

But to clear it up for you, here is my thinking. Paying someone money to tell me if this boat could be fixed makes as much sense to me as finding a crashed damaged car, with an asking price that ignores the damage, and then paying someone to tell me if it can be repaired. Who does that?

If we don't do it with cars and other large ticket items why are we doing it with boats?

As i said this is my opinion, nothing more.

BTW, i passed on making an offer as it was too much of a roll of the dice. Small repairs, minor blistering, normal wear and tear I'm good with. Major structural issues, not so much. I wasn't looking for a project boat. As well the broker in this case did his client no good in indicating low ball offers wouldn't be entertained. OK, at that point I was tempted to low ball him just to bust him, but at this point we were no longer dealing with reality. Time to walk and i did.

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