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Originally Posted by TJC45 View Post
To my point, it makes no sense to have to make offers in the blind, and then pay someone to tell you you need to walk away from this one. The non disclosure on the part of sellers/brokers, IMO, borders on fraudulent behavior. Instead of telling you what they already know, they tell you to figure it out for yourself. There should be disclosure up front. With that disclosure an informed buying decision can be made.
I'm COMPLETELY with Denver on this one. You'll never know everything that could possibly be wrong, nor will you know exactly what it will cost to fix it. I had a very, very good survey - but the estimates I got to fix the problems (from everyone involved) were low. And there were other problems no one, not even the surveyor could catch (based on how typical "non-invasive" surveys are done). So it's all going to cost me a fair amount more than I'd planned for. C'est un bateau!

Now, if the seller/broker is intentionally withholding information - and you can prove it - then you'd have cause to go after them for your costs (and maybe more). Otherwise, you do it just like Denver laid out.

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