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Re: What Is A Boat Really Worth?

Originally Posted by BubbleheadMd View Post
You completely misinterpreted my statement.
It's annoying when someone else puts words into your mouth, isn't it? Now you know how I feel about the statements you make.

Originally Posted by BubbleheadMd View Post
I'm saying that YOU have been given the same advice here, but apparently didn't understand or believe what anyone was telling you until you spoke to brokers and surveyors, and suddenly you're here sharing the same wisdom with us that forum members have given you as if you've had some kind of epiphany.
I think you are more emotionally invested in my boat buying/owning process than I am. But let me explain how I work.

There's a thing called "getting a second opinion." My dad was diagnosed with cancer. His doctor recommended drastic treatment. He got a second opinion and that made more sense to him so he went with it and lived 13 more good years. The first doctor was insulted. My dad was happy. It's smart to get a second opinion.

There's also a something called research. If you get all your information from one source, you haven't done very good research. When you get your information from many sources, your research is more solid, especially when it comes from those who make a living at the thing you're researching.

I have not read one post here that talks about what the lenders are using for boat value nor their take on how they value upgrades. What they said was a revelation to me. That's why I shared it here. Please don't feel offended or misinterpret my intentions.

Originally Posted by BubbleheadMd View Post
You are rationalizing yourself right out of your dream.
Again, your opinion, and you would be wrong. My dream is not to own a boat. My dream is to own a boat I can enjoy, and there's a lot that goes along with that.

This is how I go about all major purchases. Some call it analytical, some call it thorough and some call it rational. (ahem!) I don't see anything wrong with any of that. I will know pretty much exactly what I'm getting into and when I find the right boat and make the purchase, there will be no surprises and no regrets, or at least much fewer of each.

On another thread I made the silly remark this won't be an emotional decision and justifiably got called out on it. But apparently some think, for me, this process is too unemotional, too logical, too rational. It is apparent you fall into that category.

Maybe that silly remark was more accurate than even I believed it would be. I'm okay with that. I'm now comfortable wading around in the boat buying world. I've learned enough, and from many different sources, that I feel confident entering into the whole process. There's still more to learn, but at least I no longer feel like I'm grasping at straws.

And that's a good thing.... For me.
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