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Denver here is where we are missing each other - using your classic car example, you were going to buy that car regardless of the problem. in fact the problem, if anything gave you negotiating leverage. The car has value regardless of the problem. And it could be rehabbed, so to speak. You knew up front that the engine had a serious problem and that in its self was not a deal killer. Any costs associated with determining the extent of the problem, equal more leverage in your favor in the deal's final outcome. IOW, no matter what the problem, you are coming out on top. There is no negative financial consequense to your buying decision. And the truth is, you and the seller agreed UPFRONT that there was an issue. And that issue played a large roll in your intial offer.

Not so on a boat that fails an inspection with a walk away problem. There is a financial consequense to the buyer when this happens.

Here is where we differ- Many boats have such serious hidden defects that they are not only not worth the asking price, but any price. This Pearson was but just one example. The boat posted by the OP another.

That i was asked to put in an offer and spend money on a junk boat, just as the OP did do, isn't because all owners are lying DBs. it's because that's how the boat buying process works.

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