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Re: Do you wear a life jacket?

Or they were already dead when they hit the water, or they were caught under the boat.

We are talking percentages here, but recalling the last stats I saw regarding boating accidients in the US, there was something like a dozen sailing related fatalities (that particular year). That's on par with the number of folks who keel over each year from eating raw oysters. Statistically, it appears to me that sailing is about as safe as staying home and watching TV.

I'm not advocating a no-PFD policy. If you want to wear it, wear it. Just don't force me to wear one when I deem conditions safe enough not to. I promise not to criticise your decision if you promise not criticise mine. Next thing you know, we'll have granny-ninnies mandating we wear kevlar helmets full time just in case a meteorite decided to brain us.

Sorry...I'm starting to get on a rant. Quick, get the rum!

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