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Originally Posted by denverd0n View Post
Huh!?! In your earlier posting you said that you paid for the survey. You said that it was the surveyor who told you the boat was junk. Now you're saying that you didn't?

Or did you misunderstand me? When I said that you decided to go along, it was with the brokers suggestion that you should get a survey done to tell you how bad the problem was.

Actually, never mind. Either way, the discussion is just getting silly. The process is not backwards, you can do your own inspection and get questions answered before anyone expects you to make an offer. There is no legal requirement for a full disclosure, but it's the same as buying a car in that regard. No one expects you to "bid blind" and frankly it is a bit absurd to even suggest that they do.

The truth is that it sounds to me like you goofed, paid for a survey that you shouldn't have, and now you're trying desperately to somehow rationalize it to yourself by saying that you were just doing what all boat buyers do, even though that does not appear to be the case.

But whatever.
What can I say, reading comprehension counts. I posted, i believe more than once, that i walked before making an offer. The boat had an obvious structural issue with the distorted roof that also led to interior bulkheads pulling away from their tabbing, and doors not closing right. I could see that without a survey. Thus my own conclusion that the boat was sawz-all candidate. The damage i could see was going to run to five figures to fix.

my issue is only with the backwards process that had a broker refusing to talk about these issues and suggesting that i make an offer and pay for a survey.

Agree - we've beaten it to death. And truth is, I've tried to be polite here through your condesending comments. But enough is enough.

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