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Re: A nice change for boaters!

Well no state law can change what the Coast Guard can or will do. Heck even international law does not seem to stop them. But the local yokels are the ones around us that are out of control so I would love to see this in New York. At least some communication between departments so you don't get stopped multiple times. I must admit around here I have not heard of sailboats being bothered, it is normally the go fast boats with lots of young kids on board, so does not really affect sailboats. But sometimes it seems the different groups just line up to board boats at times.

On the water I have not seen much evidence of increased efforts by Coasties, but every town, county and village seems to have a boat on the water now since 911, and they like to use there toys. And they don't follow rules of the water, and fly around like there was just an attack from Mars. I think it is centered especially down in the Haverstraw Bay by Indian Point(a nuclear plant up river from NYC), and really there should be lots of security there, but they seem to over do it.

By the way I don't think that we are turning into a "Police State" but I do think there has been a huge change in the attitude of the LE. Even older law abiding citizens have mentioned it here and elsewhere. I believe it happened long before the Patriot Act, in my estimation it was the War on Drugs started by Nixon but really accelerated by Reagan, or even the Kent State incident where National Guard troops were used on students doing peaceful protests.

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