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Re: What Is A Boat Really Worth?

Originally Posted by JulieMor View Post
I realize it costs nothing to make an offer but would you make an offer on a boat that is priced $10K+ more than boats that, compared to this one, are loaded to the gills? It makes no sense to enter into a sales contract that is not only is listed $10K+ more but that would cost about another $10K to bring up to snuff with the other boats. Not when there's other boats you could buy and save that $20K.

What I was suggesting is since the broker almost certainly told the seller he was going to show the boat, and since the seller will most certainly ask the broker how it went, the broker might inform the seller his boat is overpriced, compared to what's on the market today. What the seller does from there is his business. It's not my job to show him the light.

If for some reason our trip east has us coming back empty handed, and the seller of the first E38 we looked at has adjusted his price, we might go back and make an offer. But we aren't going to enter into the offer phase on that boat when we still have many other boats we want to see, and all are better equipped.

It been said time and time again here, "Buy a boat that has everything you want on it, or as close to that as you can get, so you can enjoy sailing rather than pouring money into her and being stuck in the harbor fixing her up." That, to me, is excellent advice. I plan to keep my focus in that direction.

But as far as the E38-200, I really like the design, the layout and what I could glean about the build quality. The SO? Not sold like me. We'll be seeing other type boat.
If you buy a boat out of area it will take weeks to get it torn down trucked and put back together. East coast trucking is not going to be cheap think 3500 to 4500. Rig tear down wrap another 1000. Unload restep launch 500 plus the plus being Chicago area rates??? So your east coast boats will be slower and cost half or more of your "savings".

Also it is your "job" to educate the sellers use the info you have on other boats time on the market ect. I have offered 30 to over 50% off asking and three said yes and went "under contract" as they call it. Two we decided against after a second look the third we bought over 50% off asking.
I rather put in stuff I want not what the PO wanted. Make a offer of what you think the boat is worth to you. All they can say is no. But you may be surprised.
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