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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
That's an interesting ands handsome YMT design. But here are the questions I ask myself when I study that design:

Of the boats YMT lists as inspirations, i.e. long, light, narrow boats, how many are steel?
What do the boats he list all have in common? Light weight hull construction, even RAGTIME.

What is the one thing you need to make a long, narrow, lght boat go to weather? Stiffness from a low VCG. This is hard to do with a steel boat. Every extra ounce in the shell is an ounce out of the ballast. This is excatly the reason that long, light, narrow boats are usually built with lightweight shells.

There most probably are several very good reasons you do not see long, light, narrow boats built from steel.

But I could be wrong. You make a list of your own existing examples to prove me wrong.

Not sure YMT's design was ever built. I've never seen one. Does anyone know?
My thought exactly Bob. As I read the article I couldnt think of any steel sleds.I did read somewhere recently that he has a Steelstar 50 that is being built of Alu.If I can find it Ill post it.Ragtime was here a few years back I think for ther Pacific cup.Very interesting boat she had a carbon spar that had some problems they were working out.
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