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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
I was visiting the yard in Xiamen, China. I went out one night and found myself in a packed club with a pretty elaborate stage show featuring various acts. One act was a solo girl singer who played guitar and sang in her version of English. When she finished I went over and talked to her in my very best Mandarin. She spoke equivalent English. I told her I played. She asked if I wanted to play. Not being a solo artist of any color I said no thanks and went back to my tiny round table. A half hour later I felt a tapping on my shoulder. It was the girl singer, "It's your time." Shitski! But I thought, "What the hell. Nobody here knows me. I might as well give it a shot." She handed me her guitar and I went up on stage. The MC introduced me as "Low Bie". I didn't think much about it. I played some John Lee Hooker type guitar riffs for a while then people started yelling "Sing!" Double shitski. I'm not really a singer except when I am drunk and I wasn't drunk. So I sung PONCHO AND LEFTY I got a huge round of applause and returned to my little table which now was covered in new beers. Back in the condo later I puzzled over the "Low Bie" and I called one of the Chinese yard guys I knew. He said I had been introduced as "Old White"". He thought it was a bit of an insult. I thought it was cool. I had a "blues name". Old White.

The next night I took my client to the same club and I played again. It took my client by surprise. He said, "I didn't know you could do that." I said, "Me either."

My next trip I was prepared and I was ready to explain the story of PONCHO and LEFTY in Mandarin. The club was gone.
Judging by how crazy the Chinese seem to be for Karaoke I don't think anyone with even minimal talent should be afraid to get up on a Chinese stage.

I, myself, personally intend to continue being outspoken and opinionated, intolerant of all fanatics, fools and ignoramuses, deeply suspicious of all those who have "found the answer" and on my bad days, downright rude.
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