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Re: Miss Liberty vs the landlubbing haters!

Originally Posted by denverd0n View Post
Oh, come one. You don't REALLY believe that he had a 500 gallon tank, do you? I'm sure it's like his 250 yards of 3" chain.

So just for fun, let's review the most obvious of the lies/exaggerations posted by the OP...

"I have been forced to plead guilty..."

In these United States, no one is ever FORCED to plead guilty. It is a choice that you made, like your choice not to get insurance. Most likely you chose to plead guilty because you knew you were going to lose anyway, and you could get a slightly lesser penalty by not contesting the charge. That's the most common reason that people plead guilty.

"I was not responsible for her current condition..."

It's your boat, you ARE responsible. Even if others really did go out and strip her while securely at anchor (which, I have my doubts), you are still responsible for the boat.

"...250 yards of 3 inch chain with a 75lb. Danforth iron anchor."

Uh, yeah. I don't think so. As someone else said, either a deliberate lie or a gross exaggeration indicating that you are completely ignorant of what sort of ground tackle you were using.

"... right when tropical storm Sandy was coming into her windup around here."

Tropical Storm Sandy did not EVER come into her windup around here. The effects of Sandy were very minimal. A little bit of wind and rain, but no worse than we have been seeing the past month with the usual, Florida, afternoon thunderstorms. You repeat this talk of all the damage Sandy did to you several times, across several posts. Complete and utter nonsense. Nothing more than a hollow excuse.

"she was at anchor near Anclote Key..." "she was anchored south of the Anclote River, which put her squarely in Pinellas County..."

Squarely in Pinellas County? Do you even know where the border between Pasco and Pinellas counties is? Only the southern tip of Anclote Key is in Pinellas County. The rest is in Pasco County. At most you might have been "barely" in Pinellas County, rather than "squarely" in it.

"...from my electrically powered self-contained 42' Morgan Outisland..."

Morgan made an Out Island 41. They also made a 42' sailboat that was not a part of the "Out Island" series. What they did not make was a 42' Out Island. What you have (if anything) is probably an Out Island 41. It comes as no surprise at all to me, however, that you don't know that.

So really, is there any reason to believe anything that is getting posted by the OP here? I have to agree with whoever it was that said, it appears that the OP is exactly the sort of person who is causing so many communities to try to restrict liveaboards and long-term anchoring. Either that or he is just a troll, hoping to elicit some sort of reaction from people. And why is it that these kinds of posts ALWAYS seem to come from self-proclaimed "captains," when it's obvious that they couldn't captain themselves out of a paper bag?
I know he didn't have a 500 gallon tank.....I'm not even sure that he has a boat, and for sure, he doesn't know very much about boats. And if he does have a boat, the conditions that he described are directly related to not knowing much at all about boats and are his fault. Still, it would be interesting to hear what he would have to say about it.

I generally agree with everything in your post.

However, if one visits boat yards and marinas, or reads lots of forums like this one, it is clear that there are many, many people who know almost nothing about boats who dive into a project to fix up's generally called upgrading....with no understanding of what they are getting into, no idea what it would cost, with little of the skills or tools needed, and totally without funds to make a reasonable attempt at fixing up a broken, worn out vessel. And after the money runs out, and they get tired of messing with the boat, they give up and move on leaving a derelict abandoned for someone else to clean up. On one hand, I feel sorry for them because usually they can ill afford to waste their money and time. On the other hand, they kind of deserve what they get by charging into something that they know nothing about without doing a little homework first.

My last boat, used by me for 22 years, and a subsequent owner for 3 more lies abandoned in a local boat yard. A man (third owner) knew nothing about sailboats, never had been sailing, but thought the living aboard and cruising would be great came along. So he bought the boat and immediately started disassembling, and modifying everything. When he bought the boat, it was completely serviceable. it was old and had some issues that he could have worked on gradually. But he was going for a "upgrade". I felt sorry for him and on several occasions offered to show him how to sail. He declined....too much into the upgrade. Spent lots of money and time making the boat un-sailable. But he did learn the name of another brand of boat that is considerably more upscale than my old boat by hanging around in the boat yard. So he abandons my old boat after destroying whatever value was left, buys the better brand, and set about making it un-sailable also. And both were made unsellable too. And after more time and money, the second boat was left beside the first one, both now being in derelict status.

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