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Re: Frustration unable to beat against steady wind & current Narr Bay

Originally Posted by JIvories View Post
So many helpful suggestions here, thank you all. It probably was less than 3 kt current, but strong headwinds from our destination.

It is an S2 9.2A, and I guess sailing upwind is not her forte (I thought the Lewmar 30s were good). Clearly though, having a 155 genny on didn't help. My only other sail, a 135, tore and needs repair. Time to invest in a new 110? (swallow...) I hear new sails make a big difference in speed, or is that what the sailmakers tell you?

Clearly too we could have motorsailed. I have done that before and it went better.

I'm going to have to live with my mouse-powered 13hp Yan. Anything I could do to soup it up? Like one of those new 3 blade props that fold up? Does a 3 give you more speed or just power getting started?

Other than that, better planning. I could've avoided that combination of current and wind, just kept the downwind leg short, at least that day.
What happened is common for this part of New England. There are a couple of other things that may play a part. Your Yanmar could also be a little over propped. This seems to be common with 1970's (ish) motors.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the current was not exactly 3 knots. In deep water it could have been running even faster.

Add to this, old sails?, rigging tuning?, stretched halyards?, a dirty bottom?, dirty prop?, etc. And no, I'm not flaming, I got an older boat too

So you have a boat that cruises at about 5 knots going into a 3+ knot current. You also have 15 knots of headwind, if you are making 2+ knots you now have 17+ knots of headwind. You are lucky to make 2 knots and that is really crawling. Hell, you are lucky to be making 1 knot with the head wind and wave action.

Welcome to New England. I can leave for Block Island three hours later than my friends, who seem chronically oblivious to Eldridges, and they can't seem to understand how I get there at the same time as them. Or often, as my boat is a faster by design than theirs, sometimes I even arrive before them. And the entire trip should only take 2.5-4 hours if one leaves with the proper current.

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