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Re: Is Sailing Sexist?

I think sailing by its very nature looks like a dictatorship. The "captain" is barking orders and yelling " tacking!" and so forth. When docking under less than ideal circumstances there can be yelling and stress. Things today are so power driven and automated that people in general just aren't used to hearing that and seeing it. Its what a group of people working together looks like.

Its a well known fact that we invent a narrative to fit what we see, a narrative based on our prejudices. The bumbling dictatorial male dufus has been drummed into all of our heads in every commercial since 1960. It just isn't helping anyone. I can totally see how in such a toxic environment women much prefer getting training from female instructors. Takes the narrative away.

There will always be people of both sexes who exploit the "battle of the sexes" narrative or some other narrative. But really enlightened people ought to know that the person who is managing the boat, male or female , black or white, whatever yelling to be heard and not to dominate and it really doesn't matter to the boat what is between their legs. Its what is in their brain and their heart, no? Its making the boat sail well and get home safe.

In that sense, I would have to say that people are sexist, but sailing can't be.
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