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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
Hull failure: As is the Edmund Fitzgerald wasn't the first or last ship to go down from that? This is a documented failure mode, after all.

Fornication with the ship's cat: Brings to mind that wreck vaguely in the UK about fiv eyears ago, where someone had bought a brand new pricey yacht and ran it aground on the maiden voyage, while offwatch with his, ah, beloved, leaving the yacht to find it's own way onto the rocks.

Now, tdw, is your reservation about the fact that it was the ship's CAT, as opposed to other livestock? Or that a carnal act outside of the sanctity of marriage might be involved?

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I did not beat my wife, I have never struck my wife.
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HS ... apologies for missing your post and for delayed reply but given my own (lack of) matrimonial status the sanctity thereof is of little concern to me and well, if the cat was willing then who am I to deny anyone a bit of tabby.

My only concern was that we don't accuse anyone of rooting the ship's cat without evidence. Cats after all are sensitive creatures.

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