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Re: When someone lists cook as a skill what is expected?

td, there comes a point when you realize you can't save the world and the world will aggressively fight anyone trying to save it. There's a thing called belligerently ignorant, lots of folks don't know the facts and don't want to be bothered by them. Mobocracy.

So, one can keep trying to fight global warming, and try to stop all sorts of popular things (like the SUV craze for solo drivers) or one can accept the inevitable, and try to at least enjoy the ride. Species have always gone extinct, that's actually the norm. Gloabl sea levels have moved up and down a hundred meters, that's also the norm. And if we manage to accelerate the trends, turn our farmland into desert and flood out our major cities, well, the Norwegian rats and cockroaches will not complain in the least.

Its all a matter of perspective, and getting tired of banging one's head against the wall. My generation preached "ecology" and "conservation" for so many years...and then somehow decided plastic water bottles were better than public water fountains or canteens. Damfino, but the mob has spoken. The job of Superman is overworked and underpaid.
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