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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Sorry for the delay. Wifey had work for me to do at home

Here is the second part and more stuff (pics and others) will follows

Day 13, July 20
It was exhausted and very tensed day yesterday. Jake and I felt good the new outlook, but remained caution, just because Harry’s split personality and temper. Last night decent wind with 6 to 7.5 SOG running autohelm . We did good and doing more than 150 nm. 728 nm to go.

Today it was the first morning that there was no wild gybe overnite after the physical confrontation yesterday, and we use my own sat phone to inform CG. It was the first morning that I did not need to risk my life on deck to unwrap the spinnaker.

@10 am: I catch up my daily log. After the call to USCG, and be advised to deescalate the confrontation. Me and jake sat in the v-berth discussing our option. We are not immediately in danger, although physical violence has erupted. We are too far from Helo range. Our love ones and the CG know own side of the story. If anything happens to us, they have the lead. They know our sails have been compromised and water tanks were not up off. Water will eventually become an issues. The CG knows our GPS tracking URL.
Now we just have to survive and take to boat the Hawaii. I opened the door and saw Harry sat on the Navigation table. I informed him that we just spoke to the USCG and emails the details to my secretary and Jake’s friends. My secretary and his friend were in voice contact with the CG. I will take over the boat with or without your approval. My job is to reach landfall ASAP. Harry was shaking his head and I am not sure what he was saying. I told I am willing to talk gentleman to gentleman alone with Jane and Jake around. Finally we spoke alone. We agreed that only he and I talk, all other opinions must go through one of us.

1. No fighting.
2. Autohelm must be used at night, I insisted that will be no compromise on this. J
3. Harry and me will share the responsibility captain the boat to Hawaii

We shook hand. (What a fuucker )

Jake and I will not get out onto the deck to unwrap the spinnakers again at nite or we can risk our sails!!! If the sail is damage beyond repair, we are doomed. We don’t have enough fuel to motor.

Evening: no wind less than 3 kn, weather grib file gave us no warning. We are low on water with 60 g of fuel.

Very light wind thro out the the day. Harry insisted go rhumb line despite all of us head more south. I managed head south while he is not looking.
At nite after dinner winds picked up with 10 to 12 kn, perfect a) I have you aiming at 31N/125W and if we can be a bit further N, that would be better condition for our spinnaker. Jake and I sailed her nicely at 6.5 kn and above. I stayed up and watched from 8 pm till Jake relief me at 3 am.

Day 14, July 21
No wild gybe and no need to go on deck at nite for the 3rd nite since the mutiny. .

We are finally in the trade wind region. Had they let me sail the boat, we could have been here 3 or 4 days ago. So much time wasted, and so much anger has been expressed. It is just sad. Fuccking worst time in my life. I wonder what my wife would say next time I go crewing for others. Good thing she is on the road traveling and I have my sectary instead.

Looking forward to having another good day. I started taking pic and fish trolling since the stress was gone and arrival to Hawaii is doable.

I had a few small talks with Harry. He apologized numerous times for his behavior and praised my seamanship and leadership. He said perhaps I have more experience in running bigger operations. I was nit touched by his words.

We have good wind all day long doing 6.5 to 8 kn SOG with port tack with Spinnaker. At 7 pm dinner time, big swell coming, pretty rough sea. True wind at 10 to 12 knot. Water temp at 84.3F. Still moving fast.

Day 15, July 22:
At 11 am HST 428 nm from Molokai light. Water temp 84 F. Wind is still good near 20 knot behind us. A bit high for spinnaker but autohelm handled well. We are doing 7 to 8 knots.

Don't believe this, food is running low and this is the first time I willingly eat the food I hate. **** these people do not know how to provision food. Gourmet sushi chef my foot. . According to Jake. The best three dinners in this trip were my food I brought from home).

Oh yeah, they hid the bottled water, so me and Jake can only drink water from tap. We are not allowed to cook and they controlled the galley and cook us a small portion meal every day, no seconds. We survived by eating snack and the nuts my wife packed for me. I have never lived so poorly in my life. If I tell my friends and family, no one will believe us. It is a good thing that Jake has a Hero 3 GoPRo and captured everything including all these yelling and screaming for the world to hear. I told him to block my ugly mug.

Just a few more days to go. How could one could treat another human being like this way is beyond me. Jake and I on watch most of the time, and do all cleaning and upkeep. Just feel like a servant. Fortunately, the sky is still beautiful as ever. Can't wait to get home.

After quiet 3 days without incidences, and fight broke out again. Jane decided to tape shut the faucet in the galley to prevent us to use any water while they sleep. All the faucets in the head were taped shut a few days again. So we can't even get water to drink since the bottled water is hidden from us. It is just ridiculous. Jake raised hell and Harry agreed not to do that. But the argument continues between Jake, Jane and Harry. This lasted for good half hours.

This is such unprofessional, petty, and childish behavior. . Fuuuk!!! 360 nm to go.

Day 16, July 23
283 nm to go. Water temp 85.4F.

Since the heated oral exchange between Jakeues and the owners, they escalated his punishment. His night watch duty has been removed. Fucck lucky him... Now I have to do more ... Haha.

They intend to impose more rules to make him more miserable. It is all about control. Instead of being a leader to bring out the best in others, they bring the worse from their crew. It certainly not a right way to be a host or a leader. I guess some are destined to be great men and some are destined to be little 'men' in their own little world.

Back to original topic. Wind is good, we were moving fast. Wind from east at 15 to 19 knots. Still has current behind us at 0.6 Kn.

At the current condition, we may be at Molokai light at Thursday dawn. Be in marina at dusk.

I studied charts yesterday to work out my approach. Book says don't go in harbor at night, not sure what is the deal. The harbor is well marked, plenty of water and we will have almost full moon at nite. I will let Harry makes the decision. But at the worst, I am comfortable to go in in the dark.

At noon, Harry was at the helm and totally lost control. The spinnaker was hopelessly wrapped around the forestay. This man couldn't control the spinnaker. He practically fears of the spinnaker. Remember that man can’t even drive in the parking lot.

I called Jake who has been banned from cockpit up on deck to help me free the spinnaker. After a grueling struggle again, we managed to take the spinnaker. Harry kept saying the spinnaker was very dangerous to us. In my mind, he is very dangerous and stupid. He was the one with the problem, but too dumb and proud to see the truth. This was the last I see the spineaker. We are sailing the crippled jib and main now. Harry turned on his engine to do some motor sailing.

At 4 pm, I woke up to loud yelling from a mad man. He was totally out of control with a face so bright red. It turn out his target was not Jake, but Jane. He yelled Jane does not do anything and don't touch anything and immediately come down below. I immediately jumped on the cockpit and to control of the helm. It was set to auto. I was afraid to change anything except to trim to sail to quiet it down. I saw jake was busy taping…. LOL
We are so close and yet so far from land. It moves so slowly now without the spinnaker at just above 5 knots.

I am in survival mode, laying low and trying to get thing done correctly to get home ASAP. What else can one do in this situation? .

232 nm to go. Heading 230 degree, will do a gybe sometime tonight.
Hope this is the last entry for the day. I am so tired with this drama.
Day 17,July 24:

I woke up at 2 am to start my watch. Wind died down we are moving slowly with just jib and main. Harry suggested we go to Hilo island since the boat is heading to Hilo.

Another day of beautiful day. Sea calm and not much fun. We are definitely sailing to Hilo. It will get us to land and ends our misery sooner, but it will cost me more money to get home. Hilo has no marina, which will also pose a problem: no area for us to clean up before boarding the plane. Water is so short we are not allow to wash our face or brush teeth let alone sponge bath or shower on board.

At 11:20 am, 364 nm from Hawaii. we saw a CG boat headed east passed us on starboard side about 5 nm. Not sure if they are checking on us. CG at west coast told my secretary that they have notified Hawaii CG our situation. Not sure why the CG motored so far from their base. I plan to call CG upon our arrival in the marina.

Harry asked me to start packing. He didn't want me to leave anything behind. He also asked to return a mesh t-shirt and an ugly Hawaii shirt back that he got them from Dollars store.

Since Jake and I will be leaving tomorrow morning when we arrive Hilo. The attack has switched onto Jane NOW. The Poor woman took all the beating today. There were more the five episodes of explosive yelling. 30 min ago Jane was preparing Alfredo for the “last night dinner on board”. It was apparently Harry wants her to use microwave to make it. Since the engine was not running and can't use the microwave based on Harry rules. She did not want to start the engine because she was afraid to wake him up.

He found out she used the stove to cook the meal. He got all upset for disobeying his order. He got physical but I am not if Jane got beaten. He took the pan and slammed on the counter, the food flew all around. Then he ordered her to throw the dinner over board. There went our dinner.

This man is a very sick man. No wonder he is single without friends or family. I can’t imagine how it will be like working in his Sushi restaurant; it must be hell. I am glad I am getting out tomorrow.

Jake and I will stay up tonight to make sure we can arrive Hilo as planned.

At 8:10 pm. All quiet and I am alone at the helm. Moon has not made her appearance yet. There are so many stars. Vega shines so bright on my right and North Star was dimly light starboard aft. Of course Satan[Saturn] is shinning above my head. This is what I live for. It is so bad that this is the worst crewing experience I have ever had. I hope my wife does not get too concerned about me crewing in the future. She has always trusted that I know how to take care of myself.

Day 18, Thursday, July 25:
I woke up at day break, big island was in a distant view. What a sight!!! Although I love the sea, seeing land after so many days at sea is special, especially after this troubled voyage. We motored into Hilo bay at the end of the breaker where the coast guard station is. We were practically being kicked off the boat and they refused to book me the ticket home. I was in no mood to argue and will deal with it later when I get home.

We stopped by homeland security to ensure we are cleared properly. The kind officer showed us where the CG office is.

We stopped by USCG to close our distress call. Lt Han of the west coast CG had notified Honolulu CG of our trouble with the captain, insufficient water and damaged sails.

We also give the short version of the incidence to the CG. . Officers Will and Jensen listened tentatively, and ask what could the CG do in the future to avoid this problem.

I told the CG that there is nothing they could do. However by the action of calling the CG, it was sufficient to get the owner take us seriously and that an authority knows our sailing vessel had problems. Jake was able to fly in one of his film crew from Honolulu to Hilo, was arrived just in time to film while we were interviewed by the CG.

After a couple calls and texts with my wife, my travel arrangement was set. Taking a short flight to Honolulu, to Seattle today and then to Philly. I will be home on Friday at 5 pm, just in time to stop by Philly to have a nice dinner.
This concluded my very first bad experience and the very worst crewing adventure. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the last.

My next delivery is from TCI to PR shortly after hurricane Dorian.

Fine Print:
I am old school. Integrity is to do the right thing even when no one is watching.

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